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David has been watching some of the drama on Facebook and just from what he has seen, he can see what Facebook is. Here is what he wrote!

Week to week and sometimes day to day there is one movement blow up after another on social media. The hatred projected at people we should be calling “Racial Kindred” often rivals the hatred we express towards the most vile enemies of race and nature.

When we blab on Facebook we are not just airing our laundered unmentionables for all the world to see, but our dirty drawers, and the dirty drawers of others. And worse than anything else, dirty things that don’t belong to any one of us e.g. LIES.

Let me remind everyone what a lie is:

* An intentionally false statement an untruth a fabrication.

* When you exaggerate or magnify elements of a story, this is lying.

* If someone else says “this or that” and you know or even suspect it’s untrue, and then you pass it on, you make yourself a liar by participating in the lies of others.

* If you “think” something is going on and can’t prove it, and then you speculate and suppose and conjecture about what you imagine, and then pass it around as the truth, this is also lying.

When you gossip on social media you are not standing FACE-TO-FACE in front of the man or woman you are calling a low life, scumbag, whore, or whatever. THERE’S NO ACCOUNTABILITY. And that’s the problem.

99% of the social media gossip and rumors said about others behind their back would never be said to their face. This makes social media the coward’s playground. And even when something is true, too often IT IS NOBODY ELSE’S BUSINESS. And certainly not the business of our enemies.

For some reason people feel the need to create chaos and misery for themselves and others. In making enemies of those who should be “our own” we are playing into the hand of our real enemies. Need I remind you WHO owns and controls the internet networks and social media outlets we are gossiping on? Who we are sharing this information with?

Fact: Groups like Antifa, Anti Racist Action, ADL, JDL, SPLC, FBI, etc. ARE READING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA TEXTS AND GOSSIP. They are gathering information and evidence from our worst spats to use against us. THEY HAVE PASSED ON OUR GOSSIP POSING AS ONE OF US, ADDING IN THEIR OWN LIES AND DISINFORMATION. No computer is secure.

If you see someone airing dirty laundry on social media THEN YOU SHOULD QUESTION WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE ONE OF “US.” If they are, they certainly aren’t acting the part. A personal standard of Honor should be assumed among our Folk. Honorable People do not participate in gossip, and certainly not in slander. HONORABLE PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE BEING “WRONG” ABOUT ANYTHING.

Our race has forgotten what personal standards of Honor and Integrity even are. We are so used to hearing lies in the jewsmedia and from hollyweird that we join in on lying and slander as an everyday practice. THEY’VE TRAINED US INTO IT.

Honor and Integrity should imply HONESTY, TRUSTWORTHINESS, MORALITY, VIRTUE, a genuine sense of JUSTICE which includes A GENUINE LOVE OF TRUTH. In these things we find True Nobility.

Honor – real actual Honor – holds NO ROOM FOR SELFISH PRIDE. NO ROOM FOR DECEIT. NO ROOM FOR DISHONESTY. Selfish pride is the source of lies among small minded people. Selfish pride is negative. It is the source of arrogance and conceit. Selfishly prideful people put themselves above all others. There is no room for humility among prideful people, and they care for no one but themselves.

On the other hand, the Genuine Pride of Honorable men and women is SELFLESS. It is positive. It allows no room for deception among our own. It wrestles against personal faults and weakness. It rises above.

If you are relaying factual information in a positive manner, this is acceptable behavior. Even dressing down despicable criminal un-Aryan behaviors among our Folkish communities is acceptable within limitations. But, if you state something you are not sure of, this is gossip. GOSSIPING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR.

If you are relaying factual information with the sole intent of harming one of “our own,” this is BETRAYAL OF TRUST. Not just the Trust of the individual, but the Trust of our Racial Community. INTENTIONAL DIVISION IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR.

Here are RULES OF PRACTICE that need to become standards among our Folkish Communities:

* When someone comes to you with gossip, say “TELL IT TO HIS FACE, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT.” If he can’t say it to the one he’s blabbing about, he shouldn’t be saying it at all. If he won’t listen, or the issue is more serious, follow these rules of order,

* 1). When you have a beef with someone (a gossiper, a slanderer, a dissembler, anyone breaking “our” laws or acting against the good of our Folk), go to him personally to admonish and reason with him. 2). If he will not listen to reason, bring one or two witnesses with you and attempt to reason with him again, personally. 3). If he still won’t listen to reason, you take it to your Folkish Community. 4). If he won’t listen to your Community, disassociate from him publicly. (Mt 18:15-20).

Confronting bad behavior generally stops it. But some people cannot be shamed no matter how shameful their actions. In those cases SET THEM OUT. If that doesn’t work SHUN THEM. Disassociate them from your group or organization. But try not to burn bridges, do not count them among our enemies, but warn them as brothers and sisters. (2Th 3:14-15). Leave room for their repentance and a later return to our Folk.

EXERCISE ACCOUNTABILITY. We’ve all been guilty of the same faults, so leave room for forgiveness. If a Cast Off repents of his former misbehavior, exercise mercy among our own. Our goal should always be to heal the rifts between our people so that our Folkish Communities may grow and prosper, and return to the status of Nations.

We must secure the existence of our Race, and a future for White Children.

#DavidTateFacebookisTheEnemy #DavidTate #Facebook

©2019, David Tate, Bruders Schweigen prisoner. Permission hereby granted to send in full to gossipers everywhere.

The following is a lot of paperwork on and done by Gary. There is this one particular officer, Lt. A. Kelley, who is always trying to get Gary in trouble. Kelley even took pictures of Gary’s deceased daughter and labeled them as “gang photos” and took all of them. I had to send him more pictures of Annette. This is documentation of how they try to give him grief. This one officer, Lt. Kelley, tried to give Gary a shot for having “wine” in his cell. Gary ended up beating the write up because he didn’t have “wine.” He has no possible way to get yeast at ADX…he is brought his trays. The officer was going by a “fruity smell.” She ended up having to re-write the write up three times to try to make her story stick, but Gary ended up proving his innocence. Here is all the proof. Lt. Kelley has purposely set out to give Gary grief. At one point, she was the one in the mail room and was rejecting and messing with the incoming and outgoing mail.

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The situation with Gary and his health is growing even worse. I am uploading some paperwork he sent me. They have NOT taken him out for his blood letting, which he could die from too much iron in his body and poisoning him. They have not banned anymore of the aneurysms. They have done nothing for his cataracts.  Here is the paperwork he sent me. It is very important that we help Gary with this. He fought and sacrificed for us, it is our turn to help him. You can help by joining in this No response from Warden on Gary’s medical situation, which is a letter campaign to the regional BOP office. I haven’t gotten back a response on the letter I sent, so by next week, I will be going to the next level in the chain of command.

I have gotten back feedback from some who sent the Warden of ADX a letter about the lack of Gary’s medical treatment and nobody, including myself has been given a response. It has been long enough that we can take it to the next level in the chain of command, which is the regional office. Please, please, I am asking you to please write or email these people. Gary’s health is really suffering. They have done nothing to help his aneurysms. They are suppose to take him to get a procedure done on one of his cataracts, some kind of implant. However, they are not treating his rheumatoid arthritis or his aneurysms.

Gary sacrificed all he had, including his freedom, for Folk. It is time that we step up and help him with these issues. If enough of us write, they cannot continue to avoid the issue. Please help a man who has sacrificed all for us, including his freedom. The next step in the chain of command, which is the regional office, is the North Central Regional Office. Before you write or email them, here is Gary’s words on his health

Additionally, before you write, I provided an example letter. All you have to do is copy, paste, and print or email. You can also add that letters were sent to the Warden of ADX with no response, and about 2 months time was given for a reply.

Please all it takes is a few minutes to help a man, who has done so much to help Folk. It is the responsibility of the BOP to provide him medical care, while he is in their custody.

Here is the snail mail address and the email address

Gary Yarbrough’s registry number 09883-016 and that he is incarcerated at ADX must be included in all communication.

North Central Regional Office



The email address is

Thank you so much for your help and support

Susan Yarbrough

I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis since 2001, but the BOP health services ignored this condition for 10 years, too long to remedy the condition, which caused other medical issues: thyroid disease; storgrens disease, which is inflammation of the tear ducts and tear glands in my eye, causing scarring and dry spots in my eyes to the point that I can barely see at all. I am scheduled for lasik surgery soon. RA causes high blood pressure because it inflames all places in my body where I have cartilage, that is all veins, capillaries, and blood vessels, all the membranous sacks and tissues, surrounding my organs, eyes, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc. The RA goes systemic and attacks every part of my entire body, all joints, tendons, muscles, everything is squeezed and crushed. Because it was ignored for so long, I have permanent bone loss and damage and permanent eye damage. My blood pressure ranges from 170/100 to 97/68 fluctuating up and down. The RA caused me to develop esophageal aneurysms. I’ve had one procedure to put bands on some, and I am waiting more banding procedures. If any of these bursts it is impossible to stop the bleeding, I will drown in my own blood. RA kills about 12 thousand people in the U.S. every year, it is the number one crippler in the world. Many people commit suicide to escape the horrible pain of arthritis, I have considered it many times myself, it is unbearable. I was on a steroid for the inflammation “Predmisome” but had to be removed from that because of the aneurysms. I am also on 20 mgs of morphine twice a day, but it does nothing for this pain. This will kill me, it is only a matter of time. It could be today or years from now. Personally, I believe my time is growing quite short. I’ll be 61 years old in October 2017.

On top of the RA, I was diagnosed with Hemochromatosis 2 years ago, another disease the BOP neglected to diagnose soon enough, it causes iron to accumulate in tissues throughout my body, in my internal organs, etc. It causes pretty much the same symptoms as the RA and has an 80% mortality rate. The only treatment for this condition is phlebotomy (blood letting). I have had about 30 or 40 treatments already, and will have one every few weeks for the rest of my life. Hemochromatosis causes: sexual dsyfunction, which I don’t have, as of yet anyways. But, considering I’ve had no sex since 1984, I won’t sweat that issue. It causes joint pain, weakness, thyroid disease, and liver disease, which I do have. Needless to say, my quality of life suxs!

I have seven years to max out this prison sentence. I seriously doubt I’ll be able to complete the sentence. If I am not paroled soon, I will die in here before then. I have sent my last wishes to my wife to carry out for me in case I do not survive this unjust incarceration. I have enclosed some medical records. As noted the “normal” range for the ferritin in my blood is 20-300, mine was 1093. The iron level average normal range is 50-150, mine was 356. It is lower now due to phlebetomy, but still high. My rheumatoid factor is off the charts.

I’m still fighting, still doing my best to write to my brothers and sisters, but it is getting very difficult to do. Some days I can do nothing at all. I have fought the good fight, I have no complaints. Pray for me as I do you all, every day. What else I’d like to write is not allowed.

“And so it goes” (Tribute to Betty Tate)

Gary Yarbrough

Gary’s health has been suffering, and the BOP is doing nothing. I am not just talking minor health care problems, but problems such as aneurysms and cataracts that are causing blindness. Gary sacrificed his life for folk. He has been incarcerated around 33 years or more. We need to stand up for a man who sacrificed all for the folk that he loves. All it takes is sending a simple letter to a few people. I am even providing what to put in the letter, so all you have to do is copy and paste, put in an envelope, address, get a stamp, and mail. First we are going to try by writing the Warden at Florence ADX. If this does not work, we will try a different avenue.

Address the envelope to:

Warden David Berkebile

PO BOX 8500

Additionally, if you don’t want to write a letter, you can send an email here 

Here is another email address (that you can send your concerns to. For either email, just copy or paste the text below. Just be sure to include Gary’s name and his registry number, which is #09883-016 and he is at Florence ADMAX.

If you want to send a letter by snail mail to the Warden, here is a sample letter.

Warden Berkebile,

I am writing in reference to Prisoner Gary Yarbrough #09883-016 and his lack of medical care. Gary has aneurysms, rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts that are affecting his vision, and a condition where his body produces to much iron. Most of these conditions are life threatening. While Mr. Yarbrough is in BOP custody, the BOP is responsible for his medical care.

It has come to my attention that Mr. Yarbrough is not receiving proper medical care. He actually needs to be in a medical facility because of all these health issues, but if he cannot be transferred to a medical facility, his medical issues need to at least be taken care of. If these conditions are not remedied, different prisoner advocacy groups will be contacted to intervene to insure that his medical needs are addressed.

Will you please look into this situation, and address the concerns about Mr. Yarbrough’s health.

Thank you,

Sign your name.

Thank you all for the support that you do for Gary!

Susan Yarbrough






You can find another one of Gary’s articles, called “Cursed”, at this link 

Thank you Rebel Rick for getting that done for Gary 🙂

Here is a snippet of one of Gary’s parole hearings. Listen to how he is treated and not even listened to. I will be adding more in the next few days

Part of Gary’s Parole Hearing

If this don’t make you mad, I don’t know what will…..


As many of you know, my husband has very severe Rheumatoid arthritis, which is very painful! I have regular arthritis and inflammation from a very huge back surgery, and I lived in pain until I got into pain management. If any of you have dealt with this amount of pain, you know it affects your functioning and can even cause severe depression. If you haven’t been there, do not judge!! Pain management gave me back my life! But anyways, they have messed around with Gary’s pain management many, many times. You don’t put somebody on an opiate long-term and then deny them cold-turkey, this could kill a person! This has been done to Gary many, many times! Here is just one of the recent times and the remedy  


I just returned from my visit to Gary at ADX. Wow, I have so much to tell about. I was so excited to see my husband. I was supposed to attend his parole hearing, but the attorney called me before I left and told me that the hearing had been changed to closed and I could not attend. Wow. I went to see Gary Thursday-Sunday. On Thursday after I left, he had a legal call with the attorney. First off, they denied the attorney a legal visit cause 1. there was supposed to be somebody in the legal visiting booths they didn’t want Gary to see 2. the legal booths were supposedly full. Wow…such bulls**t. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday there isn’t any regular visiting and they could have allowed the attorney and Gary to use the regular visiting booths (which is glass divider and you have to talk via phone), just Gary wouldn’t have been able to pass him the documents he needed to. They are bound and determined to keep Gary. But this fight is far from over. They have only seen the tip of the iceberg of Susan Yarbrough. If this parole is denied, there is nothing to lose because it will be 8 years before he is released. Now to talk about my visit….

I am from Louisiana, and I don’t get to see Gary but every few years…and they know this. They frustrated our visits by taking an hour or longer to get him to the visiting room, except for Saturday; however, Saturday they gave me grief. After I had visited him Thursday and Friday, they tried to tell me I wasn’t on Gary’s approved visiting list. Fortunately, Gary and I had prepared for this and he had sent me his prisoner copy of his approved visiting list. I said, “Woah, wait a minute! I was here Thursday and Friday and I have his approved visitor list in the car.” Problem solved 🙂 All of a sudden, I was on his list again 🙂 Then they tried to use the Ion machine, a machine that tests for drug residue on me and my pockets. Ha, I don’t use drugs so I passed that with flying colors 🙂 Then when I get down to the visiting room, they tell me I cannot talk to another female visitor who had been there visiting her father. Wow, since when the BOP tell me who I can’t and can talk to 🙂 Like I was passing messages to her to pass to her father or something. What? Were we planning to take over ADX or something? These people are truly the spawn of Satan. I talked to her anyways, out in the parking lot and when I would see her. Who knows, her and me might have carpooled or something. She is another visitor, she knows the hell there. She was from somewhere up North United States, so I never had contact with her before and probably never will again…unless, we run into each other again at ADX.

But despite the BS, it was a great visit with my wonderful, sexy husband. He looks good, even though his rheumatoid arthritis is starting to suppress his organs. That red mustache that I so love is now grey but his hair is still red 🙂 I got to hear many, many interesting stories…from his childhood on up. I love my husband, and could listen to him for hours on end. He is truly a VERY strong man, who I love with all my heart. I cried the whole flight home. He just wants to come home, and I just want him home so I can take care of him and nurse him back to health. His parole hearing is today, and I will update as soon as I hear something. We won’t get the decision today but the attorney will have an idea.

Here is a picture of Florence ADX that I took going in. As you see, it is small. It should not take them an hour or longer to get him to the visiting room.