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You know that Brothers and Sisters protect each other…David Tate came into my life right after Gary passed. The first time David called me, it was the very day I got Gary’s belongings, and was laying on my living room floor crying my heart out, wanting to be with my husband. David has since became one of my best friends, and has sort of watched over me in my journey in being a widow. I got invited to the Church of Israel, but Tate warned me that I was stepping into a den of vipers….but I didn’t listen …guarantee, I will listen to him from now on…but as any older brother, looking after his sister, he felt he needed to remind people that not everybody appears to be who or what they claim to be. As the saying goes, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree…

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Gary has his parole hearing this September. We are optimistic, but we also know the reality of the tyrants that hold him in prison. They do not want to turn Gary lose because they are scared of the unity he can bring for folk…

Well, folks, if they do not parole him, both Gary and myself want to see their worst fears come true. Gary might be behind the prison walls, but I can speak for him. I have spoken for him for many years now. If Gary is not paroled, his wants the organizational lines to be broken and all of Folk stand together and protest his inhumane incarceration. Obama is freeing federal prisoners all the time but Gary Yarbrough isn’t one of them…and it is 99.9% chance that Obama doesn’t free Gary because 1. Gary is White and not a Muslim ๐Ÿ™‚ 2. Because of Gary’s beliefs. We came together once before for Gary. This time with more preparation and time, we can plan much bigger and wider area.

I will be going to see Gary in September, so I will know more then. Gary has never walked away or given up his beliefs. He has already stated that he would gladly give another 8 years for his Folk….so, Folks, if Gary is not paroled in September, it is time for us to give back to him what he gave to us.

Imagine a day in Gary Yarbrough’s life. In a very small cell, maybe let out an hour a day into a small caged rec area (if they have the available staff to take him), his communications stolen to try to keep him from writing to people, he sacrificed his family and his life. He has been in prison for 32 years. He is now a grandfather to grandchildren he has never seen. His children were just babies when he went to prison. He sacrificed basically his whole life. So, folks, it is time for us to start giving back to Gary Yarbrough. He don’t expect this. He loves Folks naturally, but me as his wife is asking this. He deserves this. He is willing to sacrifice another 8 years of his life and be almost 70 when he is released. He was 28-years-old when he went to prison. It is time for us to give back to Gary Yarbrough just a little bit of what he has given to us.

You can start by writing him. You can write him at Gary Yarbrough 09883-016, US Penitentiary Max, PO Box 8500, Florence, CO 81226-8500

I will have more details on protests and get togethers in September!

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Hello, everybody! I am back in action! I went through a tough time. After we finished up Gary’s legal fund, I had to deal with some legal issues myself and some family situations.

I had to go through the process of getting my grandson, whom I am raising, diagnosed with high-functioning autism. We were sitting at a red light one day, on our way to an evaluation for him, and a state trooper was sitting behind me. Next thing I know, his lights are on. Apparently, I had an unpaid speeding ticket from close to Baton Rouge from 2001 and my driver’s license had been suspended. Wow…was a shocker for me. The only thing that kept me out of jail was I had my grandson with me and nobody to pick him up. The state trooper did do that for me….but I still don’t remember the speeding ticket. It took me almost $4,000 in fines and court costs to get my driver’s license back….but wait a minute…without a driver’s license it was hard for me to travel and talk about Gary’s situation…think on that for a minute LOL.

Since my last update…Gary has been through a lot. They have declared his daughters a security threat and took his last pictures of them, including the last picture he had of Annette, his deceased stepdaughter.Additionally, none of his daughters are politically active, so how can they be a security threat?ย Gary called me to vent, which I was glad that was all he did. Gary is known for his temper, which has calmed down with his age and his desire to come home LOL. Gary didn’t mention the COs name that did this or threaten the CO in any way over the phone…however, the exact CO happen to be listening to our phone conversation…and put a direct threat incident report against Gary. Wow…where do they find these COs? There was no direct threat…he just told me what they CO did…did say whether it was a he or a she, made not threats toward the CO…nothing. But they are trying to push his buttons and add an incident report because it is getting close to his parole hearing. However, the law firm is on this and Gary is keeping his cool. I am so proud of my husband!!!!!!!

I got home from Mississippi last night from Christmas with the Klan, which was also a fund raiser put on for Gary Yarbrough. What I seen was amazing. This was not just Aryan Nations Klan but also other Klans, who showed up for this open event. Despite the rain and the cold, many people showed up for this open event and we had a great time of fellowship and meeting new people. The speakers were excellent. One of the speakers, Shaun, noted about noticing a unity developing under Gary’s cause/situation. So many different groups from Europe to the United States are coming together for his cause….UNITY! But $1.106 was raised this weekend, and I had a great time in fellowship. I met some wonderful people!

We are doing what our enemy fears the most…UNITY because if we stand together, we are stronger, and it makes our defeat impossible. If we can stand together in unity for Gary, we can also on other issues that affect our folk! Here is a picture of a group photo of those who purchased shirts this weekend. Thank you to Aryan Nations, Pastor Gulett, and Shaun for having this event!

10885294_1557858801098503_5685205167941347221_nAryan Nation 10689597_472433966230142_2961800634518016989_n

Gary Yarbrough not only needs financial support for his legal fund but also just plain ole support and encouragement. It is the holidays and he is still separated from his family and loved ones, and feeling sort of blue…this is normal. The world is passing him by while he watches. So, I want to give my husband encouragement. Could you please comment a few words of what he means to you and some encouragement, so I can write these words to him in a letter? You can also mail them to me at, if you don’t want them put publicly on here. Gary gave all for us, and he is needing a little bit of encouragement right now, so lets do this for him. Or you can write him yourself and tell him.

Gary Yarbourgh 09883-016

US Penitentiary High

PO Box 7000

Florence,CO 81226

Let’s keep his spirits up and let him know he is not forgotten.


Just got off the phone with Gary, and he has been receiving the cards and letters! He told me to say thank you for all the support! It means so much to him! Keep them coming!!!!!!! His spirits sounded so much better!

The support is continuing for Gary Yarbrough and his legal fund. More funds were raised in California tonight, and these wonderful people have given me permission to share their pictures. This is what we are really about… The media only portrays the bad. We are about love and preserving our culture and heritage, just like other ethnic groups. We are not the evil, crazy monsters that the media portrays. Our events are family friendly and family oriented. Family is so important to us, just like everybody else! The media only portrays the “loose cannons” and the “attention-seeking” fools. We are truly about love of folk, and not hatred or violence.

I will be at a family-oriented event on December 27th for a fund-raiser for Gary, and I will also post pictures from that, with permission. Because of the true haters, SPLC and other antifa groups, many worry about having their picture on blog posts and articles about our cause. These haters harass us and call our jobs. They threaten our very livelihood, and even make threats towards our family. They publish public articles that put us in a very negative light, but we are not what they portray. We help within our communities and help other people. This is evident in this internet radio show that I participated in tonight. Click this link to listen to the broadcast. The channel is called “Racist America Radio” because the authorities have labeled us as such. We are identified as “racist” for wanting the same thing as other races….to love and protect our own and to protect our heritage and culture. There is nothing hateful, racist, or evil about that…every ethnic group wants this. ‘

Here are the pictures from California and thank you all!!!! A special thank you from Gary and myself! With all of us working together…Europe and the United States, we will have the law firm hired and Gary on his way home!!!!! We are showing true unity and we will only get stronger!

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Dear SPLC,

What? Are your people slacking? Apparently you haven’t done your research. I read your article, ” Aryan Nations Offshoot Planning ‘Christmas with the Klan’ Fundraiser,” and you call this journalism? LOL. You didn’t even research to find out why Gary’s parole was vacated, and I am not going to give you the correct version. I am going to make you do your research. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not going to hand you the information.

Actually, let me give you just a little information and a few questions. For one, why not cover the abuse that happens in prisons like Florence ADX. This happens to all prisoners, not just my husband; however, my husband gets the worst of it. Oh wait…this don’t fit into your category of hate LOL. Furthermore, my husband is in prison for his crimes, not his beliefs or who he associates with. He cannot be held in prison for those reasons. The judge stated in the trials that he was being sentenced for his crimes, not his beliefs or for any other reason. Additionally, my husband does not hate. You don’t even know my husband. How you can write about people you have no information or knowledge of is beyond my understanding. Additionally, to do an article without the proper information is well…unprofessional to say the least…oh and wait a minute, I do believe that is called biased :). Oh and I do believe that biased opinion can also be called discrimination :).

You paint my husband as this horrible, evil man that he is not. Keep doing the articles, and keep pushing the attention his way. We will raise the attorney fee even quicker. They are holding Gary illegally and violating his Constitutional Rights…oh, you forgot to mention that in your article to. Wow…the discrimination and bias that I keep finding. I guess that defines you as an evil, racist group….

BTW, I don’t go to public places to harass people or call their jobs to get them fired ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe in Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, and all our freedoms. Each individual in this country has those rights, and I don’t consider people “evil” or harass them, if they don’t agree with me. I guess that makes me a lot more human than you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t harass anybody period. I am just getting support for my husband and bringing awareness to what is happening to him in prison…period. Thanks for the article to bring more attention to his situation ๐Ÿ˜‰

As stated in a previous post, the support for Gary Yarbrough has been amazing! Not only are people raising funds, but they are buying T-shirts to help with Gary’s legal fund! You can find your shirt at Warrior’s Pride. Here are some of Gary’s supporters showing their support by wearing their T-shirt!

Showing support for Gary Yarbrough

Showing support for Gary Yarbrough


I just wanted to thank everybody for coming together for Gary Yarbrough’s legal fund. Europe has been amazing! They have really pulled together some funds! Americans have also been a part of the action to. It is so amazing that from the United States to Europe, people are coming together to get this man home! It won’t take too much more before we are at the $5,000 goal-maybe around $1,500. However, then we have to come up with the next $2,500 to cover the complete amount of $7,500, but after what I have seen these last few days, I know we will get there! I got permission from the brothers in Sweden to post pictures of the blot and naming ceremony they had, and also raised legal funds for Gary at. Thank you Richard, Johan, and all your comrades! All of us working together, we will get Gary home! Thanks to everybody who has helped Gary! I was able to email the attorney and tell him that the funds are coming together to be prepared to get to work soon! Let’s keep up the good work and get Gary home!

Besides Europe coming together for Gary, Americans are also showing their support. Different events for Martyr’s Day raised money for Gary. An event in California and the actual Martyr’s Day at Whidbey Island, Washington, where Bob Mathews was murdered, also raised money for Gary.

It is so exciting to see our brothers and sisters come together for Gary Yarbrough! It shows that we can stand in Unity, even with the big pond between us. To know that we can stand together on an important issue! ย Below are pictures of the Blot in Sweden, the Martyr’s Day gather in California, and the Martyr’s Day gathering in Whidbey Island, Washington. Very good job Kinsmen! We can get Gary home!

For Gary 3 For Gary For Gary2

The Martyr’s Day gathering in California, where money was raised for Gary’s Legal Fund


Here are some brothers and sisters who went to Martyr’s Day at Whidbey Island, Washington to honor Bob Mathews at the place he was murdered by the government. RIP Bob Mathews

Sisters and brothers getting together for Martyr's Day at Whidbey Island to honor Bob Mathews

Sisters and brothers getting together for Martyr’s Day at Whidbey Island to honor Bob Mathews

Once again I would like to thank everybody for their support….TOGETHER we will get Gary home!

Hello everybody! I just wanted to send a special thank you to my brothers and sisters across the big pond…wow, you guys have amazed me with what y’all have done! Additionally, this is a call for others to take a stand. If we don’t take a stand where are we going to end up. They are violating Gary Yarbrough’s constitutional rights…and are working on taking our American rights. We are losing more and more control every day.