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Shared from David Tate, when we were discussing the decline of White births
The Demise of The White Race

My Dear Racial Sister. Yes, got your email mentioning the article where our Race is not producing enough children to sustain our numbers worldwide. Sis, that’s OLD news. This was the case in AmeriKa by the end of the 60’s, and by the 80’s it included most every White nation. I put a chart on the back of my essay “The Movement is Dead…Long Live The Cause!” showing our dwindling numbers in AmerKa with our projected future

Mongrelization is an even greater threat than low birth rates. Adding to the low birth numbers required to maintain the population of our nation/race is the fact that, as early as the 1970’s most white national governments had adopted plans to import non-whites over whites in national policies of immigration, as well as policies promoting non-whites over the indigenous populations with programs like affirmative action and welfare. A heinous betrayal of our nations from the inside.

The greatest threat to our future is whites abandoning their own race for mongrelization as a common practice. Our Pro-White “movements” recognized this early on, and this is why there was a greater drive for unity among our Folk back then. That, and that people in general retained both an old school education and morals in those days, something completely lost to our kids today after four decades of increasingly anti-white and anti-Christian “education” in AmmuriKa’s Indoctrination Centers. The Order was born out of a desperate need to finance the various movements that were making little headway back then, but didn’t have the funds to compete with the anti-white media that the world banksters and Zionists had captured well before WWI.

Around 1980 Pastor Richard Butler of Aryan Nations and David Lane (who later fell to prison with the rest of we his Bruders in The Order) produced a map of America with red areas and arrows showing the non-white immigration invasion into our country in a pamphlet aplty titled “The Death of The White Race.” It was a dramatic representation of the threat we were facing. That article needs to be resurrected by the movements today, only now a second map should be prepared beside it showing the entire continent in red, with dark red areas showing the areas of the country where non-whites now outnumber whites in population or where interracial unions are most common.

Occasionally the media gloats over the demise of our Race in AmeriKa. This started long ago, but was most infamously remembered in an April 9, 1990, Time magazine article that celebrated that Whites in AmeriKa would become a minority race by 2056, and, with then-increasing immigration, integration, assimilation and abortion rates coupled with the dwindling birth rates, Whites could become a minority as early as 2020. Then, in June of 2012 the jewsmedia proudly announced that more non-white children were born in New AmmuriKa than White.

In the 70’s the White Race was believed to be 8% of the world’s population, although even at that time it was probably more like 7%. Today after a concerted effort to murder our Race worldwide we are less than 6% of the world’s population.

Our demise has been centuries in the making. It was not until our Race explored and populated the far corners of the world that most non-white nations began out-birthing our Race. This is because we first brought advanced farming and medical practices to these so-called depressed nations/races, and then actually started feeding those nations that through their own lack of initiative failed to feed themselves.

Three centuries ago, with the exception of Orientals, the White Race was the world’s second largest racial group. Today, individually considered, there are more Blacks on the planet than Whites. There are more East Indians on the planet than Whites. And there are more Chinese than everyone else put together.

Race-mixing is murder, the murder of unique and unrepairable family lines that go back thousands of years, reaching back to the birth of our Race. As our White cultures are dying, race-mixing is being promoted at genocidal levels, except this is more akin to national suicide. The murder of a race is genocide, but when a people is complicit in its own genocide, what is racial suicide/genocide called?

Whole branches of our Race have died out in genocides of race-mixing in our past. The lands of India, Iran, Egypt, the Arab states and Turkey were once-white, and now exist as mongrel graveyards that should remind our people of what is in store for our children should we do nothing to preserve a future for them. Anyone who thinks the mongrel majority in our future will treat us with the same charity, justice and civility our Race now provides to them, think again. Look to the obvious. Only White people can look out for our own future, no one else will regardless of what we have done for others. Fourteen Words: We Must Secure The Existence Of Our Race And A Future For White Children.

The SPLC and one of their writers, Brett, was horrible to Gary, when he passed. Brett has lied in a few of his articles about Gary, saying that Gary separated from the Movement, when he didn’t. He had separated from other people, including his co-defendants, so that what we were doing wouldn’t affect them. The comments people made on the article about his death were truly evil. These idiots considered Gary an “awful person” but after seeing their comments, they are truly the evil ones. They were talking about pissing on his grave, and even things worse than that. But, I recently read where the SPLC was sued for a few million by an Islamic man that they had falsely labeled a “extremist.” I wonder how many of hundreds of thousands of people they have done this to. When they wrote the lies about Gary, I prayed for karma, and it is finally being served! And, from what I understand, more are trying to sue! I’m loving this and laughing so hard. Morris Dees, you better keep all your money in those offshore accounts! I would so love to see the SPLC go down, and apparently people are seeing them for what they truly are, the worst hate group ever. Here is an article that the Washington Post wrote on the SPLC, saying they have lost all credibility. This truly put a smile on my face!

Let me put this out there first. The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) is just a hate and scam group. The SPLC has millions in overseas accounts. Not only that, they are the worst racists and hate group ever. At least I print facts. Also, before doing their article on Gary, they didn’t bother to confirm it. They just took it off what Billy Roper and myself posted. A true reporter, always takes time to confirm. There had been nothing noted from the BOP, when the SPLC article on Gary had been posted, on any federal lists. I also know other reporters weren’t getting any confirmation from ADMAX. The SPLC is just a money scamming group that keep liberals going.

I read the SPLC article about Gary and it made my blood boil. This Brett character that wrote it, originally contacted Gary a few years back, claiming to be wanting to write about Gary from a sympathetic point of view, sort of like a prison advocate. So, Gary sent him my way, and warned me that he didn’t trust this writer. I only allowed him to follow me on my non-political pages, so this idiot followed me for years, only seeing me post about autism and such. He literally followed me for years, only seeing me post about autism and my support for Trump. The Free Gary Yarbrough Facebook page, was in no way attached to my non-political Facebook, so this idiot had to find it by searching Facebook, and of course, it is a public page. I wanted Gary’s enemies to know I was and still am, fighting for him. However, the #JusticeForGaryYarbrough will have to be done in a stricter environment because of snakes like the SPLC.  However, once he found the Freedom for Gary Yarbrough page on Facebook, he sat back and watched everything I published on Gary, and I knew he would.  He then, no sooner than I announced Gary’s passing, wrote a horrible article on Gary. First of all, he brought up Berg. Gary was found innocent and the Feds testified Gary was in Spokane when Berg was killed. Then the comments…the comments really made my blood boil. These liberal idiots call us twisted and such, but they were saying things like they were going to piss on Gary’s grave. For one, my husband won’t have a grave. Two, good luck on finding out his memorial. Then they wished suffering. Better be careful what you wish for because Mother Nature and Natural Law has a way of bringing back on you the ill will you wish on others.

My husband was a loving and caring man. I don’t care how the media paints him, I know the man he truly was, as do many others, who also love him.

Also, all the horrible things the BOP did to Gary are on this website. These so-called reporters could’ve written about that, but no, they only want to focus on the man they THOUGHT Gary was from old media and news. Instead of being human beings, and writing about the illegal hell Gary was being put through and the corruption of the BOP, they chose to tell lies about a truly wonderful man. A man who sacrificed all for what he believed in. Let’s see these limp wristed reporters do that. All they know how to do is lie and sit behind computers. They wouldn’t know how to stand up for anything!

The SPLC still bashing Gary says that he is still pissing them off and doing something right, even in death.  Also, they are giving Gary attention. Maybe not the positive attention I wanted for Gary; however, many separatists, etc, watch the SPLC website to see who is active in the Cause, so they know who to look for. Therefore; maybe somebody with a smart mind, and don’t know about Gary yet, will see Gary’s name mentioned and research who he was and why he did the things he did. If the SPLC is talking about you, you are doing something right for our Folk! It is a badge of honor to wear…that our haters truly hate what is good because the SPLC is truly evil.

Just a note, I moderate this blog, so haters don’t waste your time. Your comments just end up in spam. I am not a hater. I don’t go around finding blogs of people I don’t agree with to leave nasty and childish comments. I have a life. You don’t know me or my husband or what we stand for. You only know what you have learned from the mainstream media. You don’t have enough intelligence to look for the truth. But try to find something better to do with your time than to leave hateful and derogatory comments on this blog. It reminds me of what an angry 13-year-old would do. Be a productive member of society 🙂

We are not haters. I don’t go around hating, harassing people, or cursing people out-I know how to act like a mature adult, who understands that we are all individuals with different beliefs. We just want our constitutional rights-Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Press, and our other freedoms. We don’t hate others. My husband has done his time, and it is time for him to come home. Your words do not affect me nor will they stop my progress with his case. So, don’t waste your time. I actually don’t know why I am wasting my time in writing this.

Internet Warrior


Dear SPLC,

What? Are your people slacking? Apparently you haven’t done your research. I read your article, ” Aryan Nations Offshoot Planning ‘Christmas with the Klan’ Fundraiser,” and you call this journalism? LOL. You didn’t even research to find out why Gary’s parole was vacated, and I am not going to give you the correct version. I am going to make you do your research. 🙂 I am not going to hand you the information.

Actually, let me give you just a little information and a few questions. For one, why not cover the abuse that happens in prisons like Florence ADX. This happens to all prisoners, not just my husband; however, my husband gets the worst of it. Oh wait…this don’t fit into your category of hate LOL. Furthermore, my husband is in prison for his crimes, not his beliefs or who he associates with. He cannot be held in prison for those reasons. The judge stated in the trials that he was being sentenced for his crimes, not his beliefs or for any other reason. Additionally, my husband does not hate. You don’t even know my husband. How you can write about people you have no information or knowledge of is beyond my understanding. Additionally, to do an article without the proper information is well…unprofessional to say the least…oh and wait a minute, I do believe that is called biased :). Oh and I do believe that biased opinion can also be called discrimination :).

You paint my husband as this horrible, evil man that he is not. Keep doing the articles, and keep pushing the attention his way. We will raise the attorney fee even quicker. They are holding Gary illegally and violating his Constitutional Rights…oh, you forgot to mention that in your article to. Wow…the discrimination and bias that I keep finding. I guess that defines you as an evil, racist group….

BTW, I don’t go to public places to harass people or call their jobs to get them fired 🙂 I believe in Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, and all our freedoms. Each individual in this country has those rights, and I don’t consider people “evil” or harass them, if they don’t agree with me. I guess that makes me a lot more human than you guys 🙂 I don’t harass anybody period. I am just getting support for my husband and bringing awareness to what is happening to him in prison…period. Thanks for the article to bring more attention to his situation 😉