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People do not understand that if the BOP wins this, this is a doorway to controling what we say and who we associate with on the internet and I just asked people to help so that we can win, yet those like Don Black and Stormfront, refuses. If Gary and I lose this and they make the 2025 stick, not only will Gary probably die in prison, but this will give the government a doorway to controlling our speech and association on the internet. Wake up people, can you not see what they are trying to do? All Don Black had to do was remove some posts…and the parole board would not have had anything to go on again…and this would not be happening now.

Does anybody know anything about Gary? What he gave up for the cause? That is why I posted that letter…to show what a true man is in the cause. Let’s see some of you do what he did. Gary gave up a home and his daughters to make a stand for the future of our children. However, since Don Black refused to help…and now Gary and I have this long legal battle…is Tom Metzger and Don Black going to play our attorney so that Gary and I can protect our freedoms and those of others?

Don, this is my letter to you and I am calling you out. Once I get the notice of action from my husband, where it has your website listed in print for the reason why my husband will be doing 15 more years, I want to hear your reply; however, in the mean time, I need to vent my anger. Months ago, when my husband called me and told me about the hearing and the internet posts, I contacted all the people that had websites that were mentioned on the Notices of Action. You, Don Black, and Metzger were the only two to give me problems. Metzger finally took down the posts but probably too late since he is still listed on the reason why Gary Yarbrough will not be released until 2025. However, you, Don Black, would not even attempt to help Gary and I because you know the feds get info about people off your website and that is money in your pocket. And you have the balls to call yourself a White Nationalist, when you ought to be hanging your head in shame. You ought to be protecting your folk, not letting them be on a forum where a large percent ¬†of the posters are cops or federal agents looking to set up the posters. When I get this Notice of Action, where they decided to give Gary 15 years based on Storm Front and Tom Metzger’s website, I will post it all over the internet and put it in everybody’s hands. Yes, Don Black, it is now my job to wake up these White Nationalists you are fooling and taking their money.