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The UK did a demo for Gary on January 17, 2015. This was so awesome! It showed unity and the speeches were spot on and awesome. We need more of these demos to show our enemy that we are no longer to scared to stand up for what we believe in. Here are some photos from the demo, and be sure to check out the video

Demo1 Demo2 Demo3 Demo4

Here is the video

The support is continuing for Gary Yarbrough and his legal fund. More funds were raised in California tonight, and these wonderful people have given me permission to share their pictures. This is what we are really about… The media only portrays the bad. We are about love and preserving our culture and heritage, just like other ethnic groups. We are not the evil, crazy monsters that the media portrays. Our events are family friendly and family oriented. Family is so important to us, just like everybody else! The media only portrays the “loose cannons” and the “attention-seeking” fools. We are truly about love of folk, and not hatred or violence.

I will be at a family-oriented event on December 27th for a fund-raiser for Gary, and I will also post pictures from that, with permission. Because of the true haters, SPLC and other antifa groups, many worry about having their picture on blog posts and articles about our cause. These haters harass us and call our jobs. They threaten our very livelihood, and even make threats towards our family. They publish public articles that put us in a very negative light, but we are not what they portray. We help within our communities and help other people. This is evident in this internet radio show that I participated in tonight. Click this link to listen to the broadcast. The channel is called “Racist America Radio” because the authorities have labeled us as such. We are identified as “racist” for wanting the same thing as other races….to love and protect our own and to protect our heritage and culture. There is nothing hateful, racist, or evil about that…every ethnic group wants this. ‘

Here are the pictures from California and thank you all!!!! A special thank you from Gary and myself! With all of us working together…Europe and the United States, we will have the law firm hired and Gary on his way home!!!!! We are showing true unity and we will only get stronger!

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Various groups and individuals in the UK are coming together to do a demonstration at the U.S. Embassy in London. This event is being put on by United Nationalists  Wow, the unity being shown in Europe is amazing, which goes to show that Europeans and Americans can work together to through various events to get Gary Yarbrough home 🙂 This demonstration at the U.S. Embassy will be on January 17th, 2015. If you live in the UK, you need to show up for this demonstration. You can contact Chris at for more information about the demonstration.

UK demonstration for the release of Gary Yarbrough

UK demonstration for the release of Gary Yarbrough