This article was written by Gary Lee Yarbrough, a Federal Prisoner at Florence ADX. He has been in Federal prison since 1984. He has done more time than most people who commit murder, which he did not commit…his major charge was Rico, counterfeiting, and robbery. He has done way more time than the crimes called for. The BOP is not wanting his release because of his “political views,” which we all have freedom to believe how we want to. He does not advocate violence, White Supremacy, or anything else that the BOP and Parole Commission claims he does. He is being denied medical care and program advancement. No matter his crimes, which he more than done the time for, the Bureau of Prisons is responsible for his care, while in their custody. He has suffered horribly during his time in prison.

Even though he is labeled the “criminal,” the BOP has committed much worse crimes to try to break Gary Lee Yarbrough. This is his story and how the Bureau of Prisons has committed crimes to try to hold him in their chains. Gary wants this circulated as much as possible so that they will be held accountable for their actions. Here is his story:

You can find the typed up version here

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