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I have done up two different petitions, one for all our political prisoners, and one just for Gary. Here are the two different links, please sign and share!

For Gary
For all our Political Prisoners

Where to buy shirts

Hey Folks! Noble Wear is ready to do shirts! These shirts are SO awesome and she is including a 6×6 card with the shirts. The funds from these shirts will help to get Gary a civil defense attorney, which is what we need to fight the BOP. They have broken the law and their own federal regulations. I recently received all of Gary’s paperwork and will be adding it to this website. This will show how he has been treated unjustly and how the BOP has broken the law.

But go here to buy these BEAUTIFUL shirts! Noble Wear-Gino and Missy- have been a Godsend! 

stay Noble Wear
Missy and Gino have been helping out our political prisoners! 

Also, some time today I will be posting the example letter to President Trump for Gary. Obama released all these drug dealers and violent terrorist back into our society. It is time that Gary and his co defendants are released! They have been held past their mandatory release date! 

Here is an image of the 6×6 cards that Missy is including with the shirts! Thank you for everything you do, Missy and Gino! We ❤️ you! Keep doing what y’all are doing ❤️

I love these shirts! This isn’t the only style available, but this is the first one done! I am so happy with it that I had to post it! Tomorrow, I will post a link to the NobleWear store so you can see other designs offered. Noble Wear is doing a fantastic job!!!!

Community First is the only Charity for Whites ran by Whites! We need to learn to help our own! The last 8 years with Obama has left many White people where they can’t pay rent or afford groceries. So let’s be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
For years now, we have been doing charities such as free construction projects in Louisiana ( ) and Alabama ( ). We have done 3 Children Hospital Charity Drives ( ). Helped individual children in need of medical assistance ( ). We have done volunteer storm relief work in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida ( ). We have collected soda pop tops for white families in need. We have collected Labels for Education to help private segregated schools. Time after time we have prided ourselves in helping our people as much as possible. In one month we issued a playful challenge and ended up helping dozens upon dozens of different charities ( ). We have already done so much, but I know we can do so much more.
We all struggle to pay bills. We all live pay check to pay check. We all strive to do better. But if you could make a donation of any amount, it would be greatly appreciated. Every penny counts. Every dollar makes a difference. Check us out at:

Community First

Tweet campaign 

Let’s get a tweet campaign going for Gary on Twitter to Donald Trump!!!!!

Example letter and info

Many people are unsure of what to put into a letter when they want to stand up for a prisoner so here is an example of what you can write for Gary to the Warden at ADX.

Dear Warden Berkebile;

I am writing in reference to prisoner Gary Yarbrough #09883-016. It has come to my attention that he is having problems with incoming and outgoing mail and it unnecessarily being marked STG. Prisoners, no matter what religion they are, are allowed to write and communicate with people about religious beliefs. I have been made aware that much of his incoming and outgoing mail is being rejected as STG, unnecessarily. 

I am also aware of Gary’s health problems, including his blood disorder and his rheumatoid arthritis and the lack of treatment. He is in custody of the federal prison system and this system is legally liable to making sure he gets the proper health treatment. 

Could you please look into these issues and make sure Gary is given the care and legal rights that are his


Your name

You can also email the Warden at FLM/ or call at (719)784-9464

I just got a phone call from my husband. My husband has a genetic blood condition where his body naturally produces to much iron, which can be deadly. The remedy for this is bloodletting. They were taking Gary out of ADX to have this done, but now they want to transport him in this coffin like Box, which Gary refused. Now they are wanting to “medicate” him before putting him in this box. We all know the deaths of Bruce Pierce and David Lane were suspicious 😒, and they have tried overmedicating Gary in the past! We need to stand up for Gary in this time! 

Also, he has been filing remedies on his mail situation, and now they are claiming he is trying to incite violence because he used a Bible verse in a remedy. He has a registered letter on its way to me concerning this.

We need to let the Warden of ADX know that we are standing up for Gary. After I calm down a little, I am going to post a sample letter and words for a phone call! Please help Gary!

I seen this on Facebook and I was like, “What the heck?” How can a school/class have Black Lives Matters participation week. They are encouraged to wear BLM T-Shirts and learn all about BLM. You can read more about it here

What the heck! BLM does not belong in our schools. Here is what you can do is call the school at (215) 684-3266. Here is an example of a call that Kevin Harris made.

It is time we start standing up by doing legal activism. BLM Participation week starts Monday, so make your call now!!!!

Travis Golie, Kevin Harris, myself, and others will be doing White Lives Matter Radio on Sunday night at 7 pm CST/ 8 pm EST. We will be talking about a variety of topics, including White Lives Matters activism, and many other interesting topics! So be there and join in! Here is where you can listen to the show or call in White Lives Matters Radio

I have always said I would not use Gary’s blog for this but these people are harassing the people who are doing Gary’s shirts now. I was just going to let it drop but they have ripped off some friends of mine and now acting like thugs and harassing a woman who is trying to help Gary and myself.

At first, I was impressed with Shannon and Warrior’s Pride. I was thankful for their help and thanked them many times over. But anytime I tried to thank anybody else, Shannon would act as if I never thanked her. Months after the legal fund ended, some friends of mine from Aryan Nations in Georgia wanted to get some shirts done, and of course, I referred them to Warrior’s Pride. Next thing I know there is a big argument. Sam had sent over $200 to start production of the shirts. Shannon had sent him a picture of what the shirts were supposed to look like, but as you will see, the actual product was horrible. Shannon’s boyfriend then reached an agreement with Sam that they would send Sam shirts for the money already paid since the shirts were messed up and behind schedule BUT then Jeff and Shannon went back on their word, and was refusing to send the shirts unless paid in full. Of course, who wants to pay full price for shirts with messed up lettering and that aren’t as promised. Sam didnt and I don’t blame him! But to keep peace, I offered to finish paying for the shirts, and Shannon refused me. But it gets worse…..

Another member of AN contacted Shannon and Jeff while he was at the hospital with his dying Mother, and Randall told them that this is where he was at. Jeff and Shannon told Randall, “F**k your dying mother”…wow, really professional and friendly behavior there…

They sent people from their crew to try and intimidate the AN Georgia members at an event. Thankfully, nothing happened….but yet it gets even worse.
When I contacted NobleWear about doing the shirts this time, Shannon contacted me, went off on me, and told me that they were pulling support from Gary and myself 😂😂😂😂  Why would I use somebody who ripped off my friends and talked to them that way? 

Here is a photo of the design that was approved by Sam and the actual product that Shannon provided. Wow look how crooked the letters are. You decide if you want to do business with a company that behaves like this and produces this kind work. My friends did not get a refund or any shirts…they were out of over $200!!!

And here is Shannon’s admission that she sent comrades to GA, to the event. Actually, Shannon was the one who took all this to Facebook. I tried to handle it off Facebook via phone. She can claim to be honorable all she wants, but honorable people do not act like this. Yeah, they tried to handle “shit” by not taking anymore calls from Randall or Sam after they told Randle, “f**k your dying mother”

Also this is the design originally approved. This is what the shirts were suppose to look like!