Gary is no longer receiving funds from the Adopt A Bruder program. He appreciates the support from the Adopt A Bruder program over the years. This separation is only because of the fact he no longer can be linked to his co-defendants in any manner because the BOP and DOJ uses it against them. It affects all of their parole. The BOP and DOJ call it affiliation/association. Here is an updated letter I just got from him, on this subject. If anybody has any questions as to why, they can write Gary and ask him, and he will tell you the reason why. Some of it can be summed up here in this letter that he wrote in 2010, when he got the 15 year hit. He will be sending another one to add to that one; however, it is taking him a bit because of his eyesight. He didn’t want to be linked with his co-defendants again, because actually it hurts them all to be linked together. He maxes out in 5 years (if he don’t get the compassionate release we are trying for), so he don’t want to give them any reason to come up with something else to hold him. Grouping Gary and his co-defendants together gives the BOP, DOJ, and the other powers that be the ability to say that they are still associating and that the now disbanded “Order” still exists, even though it stopped existing the day Bob Mathews was killed and the others arrested. Gary was the first one arrested, even before Mathews was killed. His contact information is here. However, he is in ADX, which is a SuperMax facility where he is not allowed to work, so he is dependent on others for support. This is how you can send him money.

There is instructions on there for money gram, etc under send money. However, you can just send a money order (postal goes quicker, but any check or money order will work) to this address:

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Gary Yarbrough
Post Office Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001
On the money order or check be sure to put his Registry number #09883-016 also. This can also be done for other people who are in federal custody. Of course I can’t provide their information or Gary separating himself from those who do group them together would not do any good! But it is simple to look up any Federal prisoner and send money. There are men, including Gary, who sacrificed their lives for us, so it is up to us to make sure they are taken care of! If you have any questions, you can contact me, in the contact form provided.