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I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis since 2001, but the BOP health services ignored this condition for 10 years, too long to remedy the condition, which caused other medical issues: thyroid disease; storgrens disease, which is inflammation of the tear ducts and tear glands in my eye, causing scarring and dry spots in my eyes to the point that I can barely see at all. I am scheduled for lasik surgery soon. RA causes high blood pressure because it inflames all places in my body where I have cartilage, that is all veins, capillaries, and blood vessels, all the membranous sacks and tissues, surrounding my organs, eyes, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc. The RA goes systemic and attacks every part of my entire body, all joints, tendons, muscles, everything is squeezed and crushed. Because it was ignored for so long, I have permanent bone loss and damage and permanent eye damage. My blood pressure ranges from 170/100 to 97/68 fluctuating up and down. The RA caused me to develop esophageal aneurysms. I’ve had one procedure to put bands on some, and I am waiting more banding procedures. If any of these bursts it is impossible to stop the bleeding, I will drown in my own blood. RA kills about 12 thousand people in the U.S. every year, it is the number one crippler in the world. Many people commit suicide to escape the horrible pain of arthritis, I have considered it many times myself, it is unbearable. I was on a steroid for the inflammation “Predmisome” but had to be removed from that because of the aneurysms. I am also on 20 mgs of morphine twice a day, but it does nothing for this pain. This will kill me, it is only a matter of time. It could be today or years from now. Personally, I believe my time is growing quite short. I’ll be 61 years old in October 2017.

On top of the RA, I was diagnosed with Hemochromatosis 2 years ago, another disease the BOP neglected to diagnose soon enough, it causes iron to accumulate in tissues throughout my body, in my internal organs, etc. It causes pretty much the same symptoms as the RA and has an 80% mortality rate. The only treatment for this condition is phlebotomy (blood letting). I have had about 30 or 40 treatments already, and will have one every few weeks for the rest of my life. Hemochromatosis causes: sexual dsyfunction, which I don’t have, as of yet anyways. But, considering I’ve had no sex since 1984, I won’t sweat that issue. It causes joint pain, weakness, thyroid disease, and liver disease, which I do have. Needless to say, my quality of life suxs!

I have seven years to max out this prison sentence. I seriously doubt I’ll be able to complete the sentence. If I am not paroled soon, I will die in here before then. I have sent my last wishes to my wife to carry out for me in case I do not survive this unjust incarceration. I have enclosed some medical records. As noted the “normal” range for the ferritin in my blood is 20-300, mine was 1093. The iron level average normal range is 50-150, mine was 356. It is lower now due to phlebetomy, but still high. My rheumatoid factor is off the charts.

I’m still fighting, still doing my best to write to my brothers and sisters, but it is getting very difficult to do. Some days I can do nothing at all. I have fought the good fight, I have no complaints. Pray for me as I do you all, every day. What else I’d like to write is not allowed.

“And so it goes” (Tribute to Betty Tate)

Gary Yarbrough

Gary’s health has been suffering, and the BOP is doing nothing. I am not just talking minor health care problems, but problems such as aneurysms and cataracts that are causing blindness. Gary sacrificed his life for folk. He has been incarcerated around 33 years or more. We need to stand up for a man who sacrificed all for the folk that he loves. All it takes is sending a simple letter to a few people. I am even providing what to put in the letter, so all you have to do is copy and paste, put in an envelope, address, get a stamp, and mail. First we are going to try by writing the Warden at Florence ADX. If this does not work, we will try a different avenue.

Address the envelope to:

Warden David Berkebile

PO BOX 8500

Additionally, if you don’t want to write a letter, you can send an email here 

Here is another email address (that you can send your concerns to. For either email, just copy or paste the text below. Just be sure to include Gary’s name and his registry number, which is #09883-016 and he is at Florence ADMAX.

If you want to send a letter by snail mail to the Warden, here is a sample letter.

Warden Berkebile,

I am writing in reference to Prisoner Gary Yarbrough #09883-016 and his lack of medical care. Gary has aneurysms, rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts that are affecting his vision, and a condition where his body produces to much iron. Most of these conditions are life threatening. While Mr. Yarbrough is in BOP custody, the BOP is responsible for his medical care.

It has come to my attention that Mr. Yarbrough is not receiving proper medical care. He actually needs to be in a medical facility because of all these health issues, but if he cannot be transferred to a medical facility, his medical issues need to at least be taken care of. If these conditions are not remedied, different prisoner advocacy groups will be contacted to intervene to insure that his medical needs are addressed.

Will you please look into this situation, and address the concerns about Mr. Yarbrough’s health.

Thank you,

Sign your name.

Thank you all for the support that you do for Gary!

Susan Yarbrough






You can find another one of Gary’s articles, called “Cursed”, at this link 

Thank you Rebel Rick for getting that done for Gary 🙂

Here is a snippet of one of Gary’s parole hearings. Listen to how he is treated and not even listened to. I will be adding more in the next few days

Part of Gary’s Parole Hearing

If this don’t make you mad, I don’t know what will…..


As many of you know, my husband has very severe Rheumatoid arthritis, which is very painful! I have regular arthritis and inflammation from a very huge back surgery, and I lived in pain until I got into pain management. If any of you have dealt with this amount of pain, you know it affects your functioning and can even cause severe depression. If you haven’t been there, do not judge!! Pain management gave me back my life! But anyways, they have messed around with Gary’s pain management many, many times. You don’t put somebody on an opiate long-term and then deny them cold-turkey, this could kill a person! This has been done to Gary many, many times! Here is just one of the recent times and the remedy  


Today, on New Year’s Eve, a man, who goes by Kevin Harris on Facebook, spent his holiday handing out flyers to let people know about Gary Yarbrough and Matt Hale, who are political prisoners. To me, this shows true dedication. A person, who is willing to stand out in the cold on a holiday, and hand out flyers so people can be made aware! Thank you, Kevin Harris, for all your hard work to bring awareness to people who aren’t aware!

Hello everybody! I just wanted to send a special thank you to my brothers and sisters across the big pond…wow, you guys have amazed me with what y’all have done! Additionally, this is a call for others to take a stand. If we don’t take a stand where are we going to end up. They are violating Gary Yarbrough’s constitutional rights…and are working on taking our American rights. We are losing more and more control every day.

Gary Yarbrough is going through a tough time right now, and it would be great if we could get him some Yule or Christmas cards to him. It just takes 5 minutes to write a little note in a card, sign it, seal it, and mail it off. This is not asking much for somebody who sacrificed so much. Let’s flood the prison mail room with mail for Gary Yarbrough! This is another challenge…let’s make the mail room people work this month! 🙂 Let’s get Gary Yarbrough all the mail we can!

If you would just like to write Gary a letter or send him a Yule/Christmas card, here is his address:

Gary Yarbrough #09883-016, US Penitentiary Max-Florence High, PO Box 7000, Florence, CO 81226.

If you have a few extra bucks and would like to send him a money for commissary (he is not allowed to have anything from outside, except for books ordered from book stores…everything else has to come from commissary), you can send him a postal money order to this different address. It has to be a postal money order with his name and registry number on it.

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Gary Yarbrough
Post Office Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001
Additionally, while it is Yule/Christmas, you can purchase some nice items for Christmas gifts and also help Gary’s Legal Fund at Warrior’s Pride
Come on people, let’s help Gary through this rough time and show him we still care….plus put the mail room to work 🙂 Wouldn’t you want somebody to remember you for the holiday, if you were behind those walls?
Much love and respect,
Susan Yarbrough


Some dear friends have been helping out by trying to help us raise money for Gary’s legal fund. There will be some really cool items ready in a few days.

Free Gary coffee mug

Free Gary Yarbrough T-shirt


This is already available,which you can find at Warrior’s Pride

Free Gary Yarbrough Mugs

Free Gary Yarbrough Mugs

Please help us raise the money to get Gary an attorney to fight for his constitutional rights!


Susan Yarbrough

Today, I need an internet podcast with The Free American, and as expected there were technical issues from the get go LOL Then Gary called in the middle of the show and I had to hang up with the show for a few.

Sunday at 8:00 PM EST, I will being doing Racist Radio. Before you judge, you have to know it is the “authorities” who gave us the terms “white supremacists” and “racist.” There really is no such word. It was made up by the authorities to label us and to divide. We have a right to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and to protect our culture and heritage. All other races are not labeled for doing this. I hate nobody and I don’t look at myself better than anybody else. The only things I want are: to be able to say what I want (I have to put up with being called names because I believe the “old” way of morals and standards but I can’t voice my opinion and beliefs), to be able to associate with whoever I want to, to protect my heritage and culture, and to get my husband home! Does that make me a “racist”?

So listen to the interview I have already done and to the one Sunday!