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March 15, 2019: According to the comprehensive list of Muslim terrorist attacks maintained by the website “The Religion of Peace” there have been 201 Muslim terrorist attacks around the world which have killed 1,175 people – but unlike the New Zealand mosque attack there is no international outrage because the terrorists were non-white. In February alone there were 150 Muslim terrorist attacks in 22 countries which killed 883 people. As of March 15 there have been another 51 Muslim terrorist attacks across the globe which have killed another 292 people making the total so far 1,175 murders. The most brutal Muslim massacre took place in February 23, in Baghuz, Syria, when the severed heads of 50 Yazidi sex slaves were discovered dumped in trashcans in the former caliphate stronghold. This was a more vicious mass murder than Jew-directed assault on the mosque in New Zealand because these women were repeatedly raped, brutalized and tortured before they were murdered…and yet the jewsmedia has remained silent about it, as they have over the rising levels of rape of non-Musim women wherever Muslims have migrated, like the Rape Capital of the world, Sweden.

David has been watching some of the drama on Facebook and just from what he has seen, he can see what Facebook is. Here is what he wrote!

Week to week and sometimes day to day there is one movement blow up after another on social media. The hatred projected at people we should be calling “Racial Kindred” often rivals the hatred we express towards the most vile enemies of race and nature.

When we blab on Facebook we are not just airing our laundered unmentionables for all the world to see, but our dirty drawers, and the dirty drawers of others. And worse than anything else, dirty things that don’t belong to any one of us e.g. LIES.

Let me remind everyone what a lie is:

* An intentionally false statement an untruth a fabrication.

* When you exaggerate or magnify elements of a story, this is lying.

* If someone else says “this or that” and you know or even suspect it’s untrue, and then you pass it on, you make yourself a liar by participating in the lies of others.

* If you “think” something is going on and can’t prove it, and then you speculate and suppose and conjecture about what you imagine, and then pass it around as the truth, this is also lying.

When you gossip on social media you are not standing FACE-TO-FACE in front of the man or woman you are calling a low life, scumbag, whore, or whatever. THERE’S NO ACCOUNTABILITY. And that’s the problem.

99% of the social media gossip and rumors said about others behind their back would never be said to their face. This makes social media the coward’s playground. And even when something is true, too often IT IS NOBODY ELSE’S BUSINESS. And certainly not the business of our enemies.

For some reason people feel the need to create chaos and misery for themselves and others. In making enemies of those who should be “our own” we are playing into the hand of our real enemies. Need I remind you WHO owns and controls the internet networks and social media outlets we are gossiping on? Who we are sharing this information with?

Fact: Groups like Antifa, Anti Racist Action, ADL, JDL, SPLC, FBI, etc. ARE READING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA TEXTS AND GOSSIP. They are gathering information and evidence from our worst spats to use against us. THEY HAVE PASSED ON OUR GOSSIP POSING AS ONE OF US, ADDING IN THEIR OWN LIES AND DISINFORMATION. No computer is secure.

If you see someone airing dirty laundry on social media THEN YOU SHOULD QUESTION WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE ONE OF “US.” If they are, they certainly aren’t acting the part. A personal standard of Honor should be assumed among our Folk. Honorable People do not participate in gossip, and certainly not in slander. HONORABLE PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE BEING “WRONG” ABOUT ANYTHING.

Our race has forgotten what personal standards of Honor and Integrity even are. We are so used to hearing lies in the jewsmedia and from hollyweird that we join in on lying and slander as an everyday practice. THEY’VE TRAINED US INTO IT.

Honor and Integrity should imply HONESTY, TRUSTWORTHINESS, MORALITY, VIRTUE, a genuine sense of JUSTICE which includes A GENUINE LOVE OF TRUTH. In these things we find True Nobility.

Honor – real actual Honor – holds NO ROOM FOR SELFISH PRIDE. NO ROOM FOR DECEIT. NO ROOM FOR DISHONESTY. Selfish pride is the source of lies among small minded people. Selfish pride is negative. It is the source of arrogance and conceit. Selfishly prideful people put themselves above all others. There is no room for humility among prideful people, and they care for no one but themselves.

On the other hand, the Genuine Pride of Honorable men and women is SELFLESS. It is positive. It allows no room for deception among our own. It wrestles against personal faults and weakness. It rises above.

If you are relaying factual information in a positive manner, this is acceptable behavior. Even dressing down despicable criminal un-Aryan behaviors among our Folkish communities is acceptable within limitations. But, if you state something you are not sure of, this is gossip. GOSSIPING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR.

If you are relaying factual information with the sole intent of harming one of “our own,” this is BETRAYAL OF TRUST. Not just the Trust of the individual, but the Trust of our Racial Community. INTENTIONAL DIVISION IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR.

Here are RULES OF PRACTICE that need to become standards among our Folkish Communities:

* When someone comes to you with gossip, say “TELL IT TO HIS FACE, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT.” If he can’t say it to the one he’s blabbing about, he shouldn’t be saying it at all. If he won’t listen, or the issue is more serious, follow these rules of order,

* 1). When you have a beef with someone (a gossiper, a slanderer, a dissembler, anyone breaking “our” laws or acting against the good of our Folk), go to him personally to admonish and reason with him. 2). If he will not listen to reason, bring one or two witnesses with you and attempt to reason with him again, personally. 3). If he still won’t listen to reason, you take it to your Folkish Community. 4). If he won’t listen to your Community, disassociate from him publicly. (Mt 18:15-20).

Confronting bad behavior generally stops it. But some people cannot be shamed no matter how shameful their actions. In those cases SET THEM OUT. If that doesn’t work SHUN THEM. Disassociate them from your group or organization. But try not to burn bridges, do not count them among our enemies, but warn them as brothers and sisters. (2Th 3:14-15). Leave room for their repentance and a later return to our Folk.

EXERCISE ACCOUNTABILITY. We’ve all been guilty of the same faults, so leave room for forgiveness. If a Cast Off repents of his former misbehavior, exercise mercy among our own. Our goal should always be to heal the rifts between our people so that our Folkish Communities may grow and prosper, and return to the status of Nations.

We must secure the existence of our Race, and a future for White Children.

#DavidTateFacebookisTheEnemy #DavidTate #Facebook

©2019, David Tate, Bruders Schweigen prisoner. Permission hereby granted to send in full to gossipers everywhere.

Shared from David Tate, when we were discussing the decline of White births
The Demise of The White Race

My Dear Racial Sister. Yes, got your email mentioning the article where our Race is not producing enough children to sustain our numbers worldwide. Sis, that’s OLD news. This was the case in AmeriKa by the end of the 60’s, and by the 80’s it included most every White nation. I put a chart on the back of my essay “The Movement is Dead…Long Live The Cause!” showing our dwindling numbers in AmerKa with our projected future

Mongrelization is an even greater threat than low birth rates. Adding to the low birth numbers required to maintain the population of our nation/race is the fact that, as early as the 1970’s most white national governments had adopted plans to import non-whites over whites in national policies of immigration, as well as policies promoting non-whites over the indigenous populations with programs like affirmative action and welfare. A heinous betrayal of our nations from the inside.

The greatest threat to our future is whites abandoning their own race for mongrelization as a common practice. Our Pro-White “movements” recognized this early on, and this is why there was a greater drive for unity among our Folk back then. That, and that people in general retained both an old school education and morals in those days, something completely lost to our kids today after four decades of increasingly anti-white and anti-Christian “education” in AmmuriKa’s Indoctrination Centers. The Order was born out of a desperate need to finance the various movements that were making little headway back then, but didn’t have the funds to compete with the anti-white media that the world banksters and Zionists had captured well before WWI.

Around 1980 Pastor Richard Butler of Aryan Nations and David Lane (who later fell to prison with the rest of we his Bruders in The Order) produced a map of America with red areas and arrows showing the non-white immigration invasion into our country in a pamphlet aplty titled “The Death of The White Race.” It was a dramatic representation of the threat we were facing. That article needs to be resurrected by the movements today, only now a second map should be prepared beside it showing the entire continent in red, with dark red areas showing the areas of the country where non-whites now outnumber whites in population or where interracial unions are most common.

Occasionally the media gloats over the demise of our Race in AmeriKa. This started long ago, but was most infamously remembered in an April 9, 1990, Time magazine article that celebrated that Whites in AmeriKa would become a minority race by 2056, and, with then-increasing immigration, integration, assimilation and abortion rates coupled with the dwindling birth rates, Whites could become a minority as early as 2020. Then, in June of 2012 the jewsmedia proudly announced that more non-white children were born in New AmmuriKa than White.

In the 70’s the White Race was believed to be 8% of the world’s population, although even at that time it was probably more like 7%. Today after a concerted effort to murder our Race worldwide we are less than 6% of the world’s population.

Our demise has been centuries in the making. It was not until our Race explored and populated the far corners of the world that most non-white nations began out-birthing our Race. This is because we first brought advanced farming and medical practices to these so-called depressed nations/races, and then actually started feeding those nations that through their own lack of initiative failed to feed themselves.

Three centuries ago, with the exception of Orientals, the White Race was the world’s second largest racial group. Today, individually considered, there are more Blacks on the planet than Whites. There are more East Indians on the planet than Whites. And there are more Chinese than everyone else put together.

Race-mixing is murder, the murder of unique and unrepairable family lines that go back thousands of years, reaching back to the birth of our Race. As our White cultures are dying, race-mixing is being promoted at genocidal levels, except this is more akin to national suicide. The murder of a race is genocide, but when a people is complicit in its own genocide, what is racial suicide/genocide called?

Whole branches of our Race have died out in genocides of race-mixing in our past. The lands of India, Iran, Egypt, the Arab states and Turkey were once-white, and now exist as mongrel graveyards that should remind our people of what is in store for our children should we do nothing to preserve a future for them. Anyone who thinks the mongrel majority in our future will treat us with the same charity, justice and civility our Race now provides to them, think again. Look to the obvious. Only White people can look out for our own future, no one else will regardless of what we have done for others. Fourteen Words: We Must Secure The Existence Of Our Race And A Future For White Children.

I exposed Travis and Kevin last week. Even if the merchandise had been real, they pocketed the money! They did not ask the Bruders permission or even send the Bruders any of the money! It all went in Travis and Kevin’s pockets. Oh yeah, they made a video showing flyers that they supposedly bought! They do flyers so people think they are being activist and will send them money! They are using the Movement as their cash cow!

But since I have hit them in their pocket and affected their auctions, they are putting my number public and having people put me on telemarketer lists! This is what antifa does! This shows Kevin and Travis Golie’s real colors! Here is my evidence. The facebook profile is Travis Golie’s…he uses a fake name! So this is what people can do? Do these immature tactics and still be allowed to stay and be so-called WLM? NO decent White folk does the things they are doing. We need to rid our Noble Cause of idiots like this!




I got word the other day that a POW flag, which was suppose to have flown on the Mathews land by Bob and Lane’s ashes was for auction. I made some phone calls and sent the image of the so called POW flag to people. This flag had never been there, and as you can see by the image, it has never seen a day of weather. Any how, this specific POW design hasn’t been in production but a few years! The people doing this fake auction was Travis Golie and Kevin Harris. I even told them that the flag was fake, but they still auctioned it off! I got wind of more auctions coming so I contacted the Bruders, and here is their say on it:

This is Richard Scutari’s response: Hello Sister: this is the response I got from Richard…Hi! I do not remember anyone named Golie or Harris. It is possible that I knew them in the pass by another name or even the name they are using. But one thing is for sure, I do not have any knowledge of anyone authorizing he use of our name or the auctioning off our stuff. Are they trying to claim the profits will go to us??? If Debbie says it is bull, then I tend to believe it is bull. Check with Tate and Dewey. If they say it is bull then ya’ll need to put the word out that people are trying to scam them. If anyone has a doubt about this, all they need to do is contact one of us. — You take care and have a joyous Yule Season. L&R, Richard

This is David Tate’s response: This is David Tate’s exact words that he sent to me in an email “Even IF it was legitimate historical memorabilia there’s no way it should be auctioned outside diehard Folk. Something that mundane, not even produced by our Folk, is clearly false. I seriously doubt Debbie had a POW/MIA flag flying on her property…but there’s no way I’d know, just don’t see it going to idiots.
There was a time Gary and I both would have held up movement signs to display our activism, but not to impede traffic. Today I’m for activism with limits. No more uniforms, get ups or outrageous T’s, just be the real everyday people we are wherever we present ourselves. You can’t reach people unless they can relate to you. If you’re unrelatable then all you’ll attract are “unrelateables.” Did I just coin a new term?”
David knows Debbie even better than I do. I have talked to her and know for a FACT she would never give anything from Bob or her place away! She has been very reclusive and this BS here is why!!!

Also here is where David Lane kicked Travis Golie to the curb MANY years ago…what is this idiot still doing around! Link here

Anybody who participates in these fake auctions, has zero respect for the Bruders or zero integrity. Our movement needs to be purged of these profiteers like Golie and Harris. “Profiteers” are what Gary Lee Yarbrough would have called them! The money made off these fake Order items wouldn’t have gone back into the Movement! The funds were going into their pockets because none of these idiots work! The Movement is their cash cow! The Bruders sacrificed ALL for our NOBLE CAUSE and things like this do not need to happen! For people to profit off their names and sacrifice!!!

Here is an image of the supposed POW flag that they auctioned off. You can tell it has not seen one day of weather. It is a cheap flag and would have weathered quickly!


You know that Brothers and Sisters protect each other…David Tate came into my life right after Gary passed. The first time David called me, it was the very day I got Gary’s belongings, and was laying on my living room floor crying my heart out, wanting to be with my husband. David has since became one of my best friends, and has sort of watched over me in my journey in being a widow. I got invited to the Church of Israel, but Tate warned me that I was stepping into a den of vipers….but I didn’t listen …guarantee, I will listen to him from now on…but as any older brother, looking after his sister, he felt he needed to remind people that not everybody appears to be who or what they claim to be. As the saying goes, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree…

gaymangayman 1

Let me explain

When I wrote the previous article about the Church of Israel , I did so for a reason. Gary died horribly and painfully..he was murdered by the BOP. They also let him die in a hospice so I would have to pay for the autopsy, which they knew I couldn’t do…they got away with murder. I have watched many suffer over the years, and those who betrayed them seem to be “blessed” and to prosper. After watching Gary die so horribly, I begin to doubt if there was true justice in this world. Why had those who had stood true been so persecuted and harassed? Where was their justice?

As I found out more and more about the Gayman’s and how they weren’t what they seemed to put on to people…they are not about Christian Identity (they have even changed the name to Christian Israelites and watered it down). They are about their pockets and their “empire” of buying up most of Schell City, MO. But to have one’s own child do betrayal, is the worst thing that could ever happen to a person!

I can now rest knowing that Yahweh has those who betray other and lie and deceive our Folk…and make a living off ripping off people, will be dealt with. Also, just because something claims to be a Christian Identity church, it isn’t. Just because somebody claims to be a Christian means 0…words speak nothing and actions speak everything…and Gary died with his honor and loyalty. He stayed true, through everything, until he drew his last breath…..

I made a trip to Schell City, MO, which I was led there by deceit, which betrayal always begets betrayal. I went to see Tim “Gehmann” (whose name was changed from Gayman, when he went into hiding after snitching on his father, Dan Gayman) and the Church of Israel. First of all (which I have this coming in writing from one of the Bruders with documents to back it up), Dan Gayman ACCEPTED ORDER money and DID NOT Burn it! He testified against the Order (David Lane interviewed him on the stand) and the feds let him keep that money…but oh it goes so much deeper than that.

Sometime in 1979, when he tried to take over the church him and his brother shared, he illegally tried to take it over. While the cops where arresting older women, who were praying for Dan Gayman, he ran out the backdoor like a coward (this will also be covered in the paperwork I am getting.). A coward and a snitch!!! Wow, yet people go to his “Chruch of Israel” and donate money hand over fist!!!

His son, Tim, is no better…he claims Identity but has no clue how sacred a Blood Covenant between a woman and a man is. He has dated married women, had one night stands, and oh, so much more…even falsely promised things to women (audio forthcoming). But oh, Divine Justice is so good…he snitched on his own father…

Evil begets evil…betrayal begets betrayal..

You can go to this website and see the long history of Dan Gayman, who covered up child molestation, has accepted money and then gotten rid of people, and the list goes on and on….yep, sounds like a fake Christian and con man to me….

But as I said, a Bruder is writing up the truth and sending what happened in the Sedition Trials, where Dan Gayman testified against the Order, but yet kept the money they left him. Ooohhh Dan Gayman, karma hasn’t forgotten you….she will have her say!

I am slowly going through Gary’s writings and publishing things that haven’t been published before. The 19th of October, he would have been 63…

sethseth 1seth 2seth 3seth 4seth 5

It has been three months since Gary left this world for a much better place; however, he is yet to have a resting place. I had promised Gary that I would see to it that this cairn is built. It isn’t just a cairn for Gary, it is a cairn for Folk. I have soil with Bob Mathews and David Lane’s ashes that will be added to the cairn. Gary said no rush on getting the cairn together, but it has bothered me that it hasn’t been built yet, so I’m doing it myself. I will, however, be looking for property somewhere in the Ozarks to permanently build this Folk Cairn. This is just its temporary home, so that people can come and pay their respects to Gary, Bob, and David Lane. The only ashes I don’t have is those of Bruce Pierce. Here is the area, pre-cairn. I will add pictures once it is completely put together. Anybody who wishes to visit, that I do not know, will have to be checked out. Additionally, if any antifa or SPLC try to gain access to the cairn, this is on PRIVATE property and there are motion lights and security cameras. I will not allowed this to be destroyed or the ashes stolen. The ashes will be in a stone urn on the cairn.